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The Importance Of Eating Properly As A Diabetic

I have a friend that recently lost someone very close to her. He was a diabetic who died at age 44. His death could have been avoided, but like some people who are suffering from diabetes do, he did not adjust his diet in a way that would help him to continue to live a healthy life. He thought he could keep eating the way he always had and then make up for his poor habits wit insulin injections.

Diabetes is a metabolic disease. It signals the body is unable to produce the right amount of insulin. This leads to elevated glucose levels in the blood. Eating a proper diet is essential for diabetics to maintain good health. It helps them to manage their blood glucose levels, slows or prevents complications, helps maintain healthy weight and blood pressure, and attain blood lipid target levels.

Eating a good, balanced diet is not difficult for diabetics. It doesn’t require purchasing specials foods. Diabetics must simply develop a routine of eating healthy meals three times a day at set times. This will help to regulate blood sugar and keep the glucose in the blood within the appropriate target range. For diabetics this can mean the difference between living a normal healthy life and facing the threat of amputation, dire illness, and diabetic coma.

For diabetics, what they eat and when they eat it are equally important. The size of the meals they eat is also crucial. The content, size, and frequency of the meals even impact the effectiveness of the medicines the diabetic takes. They also have a direct effect on the body’s insulin production. Eating an unhealthy diet, meals that are too large or too small, or having meals at irregular hours, can lead to unhealthy spikes and precipitous drops in blood sugar levels. This is dangerous for diabetics and can lead to dangerous and painful health problems.

Diabetics need a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and starches including beans, lentils, peas, and whole grains. This should be supplemented with small amounts of lean meats like fish and poultry. Adding some low-fat dairy products also helps. This helps the diabetic to maintain a healthy weight and avoid diabetic complications. These foods contain the fiber the body needs to moderate digestions, absorption, and the conversion of food into sugar. This type of diet also improves their overall health and vitality.

Diabetics who eat a balanced, nutritious diet at regularized times find themselves feeling good every day. Their wise food choices also help them maintain a healthy weight, and lower their risk for stroke, heart disease, and a host of other health problems. Diabetics should also check their blood glucose levels regularly and take an A1C test a few times a year. When this is combined with regular exercise it can allow diabetics to live a normal life. But making wise food choices and following a schedule for eating meals and snacks are crucial.

Diabetics must only consume desserts in small amounts. They should also limit alcohol intake. Alcohol can make blood sugar levels plummet and blood fats rise to unhealthy levels. For diabetics, it’s essential to drink at least one 8 ounce cup of water every waking hour. If they cannot get a full meal, they must drink juice or eat soup, popsicles, or crackers. On bad days when they have problems keeping down food, diabetics must drink ginger ale or something which contains sugar to prevent low blood glucose or hypoglycemia.

Why You Should Start Off the Day with a Healthy Breakfast

Waking up a few minutes earlier to prepare breakfast can be such a drag for most people. For sure you would rather sleep during those extra minutes and grab something to eat on your way to work, or sometimes skip your breakfast altogether. Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why? Because your morning fuel can make or break your day, it can either give you the energy you need to work and function effectively or can give you a sluggish start which can go on during the entire day even if you already had something to eat.

There are so many good reasons why you should start off your day with a healthy breakfast.

  • For one, people who are trying to control their weight think that skipping a meal will help them shed some pounds. On the contrary, skipping breakfast will actually make you overeat during lunch because by that time you will be very hungry.
  • Eating breakfast will also maintain an even blood sugar level in our body that we need to give us more energy during the day and our overall health. A healthy breakfast will benefit especially those with diabetes to prevent peaks and valleys in their blood sugar levels.
  • Giving yourself a few minutes in the morning to have a healthy breakfast will help replenish the glucose levels that your brain needs to function properly. Breakfast can easily give you the clarity and focus that you need in your daily activities.
  • Energy is essential to make the entire body function properly. Even with your best effort, a lack of energy will curb your potential to perform your activities as you wish. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast will give your body the boost that it needs so that you will have the energy for your morning workouts or to get you started for a busy day.

With the fast paced life that you lead, you might think that preparing a healthy breakfast can be tricky. You might be able to pull out something from the fridge or be tempted to buy something processed because you may be thinking that a healthy breakfast would take time to prepare. It’s all about making the right choices and keeping everything fresh. Here are some ideas that you could use when preparing a healthy breakfast. This will give you the energy boost that you need for your hectic day and ensure that you are healthy and in tip top shape.

  • If you are a little pressed for time in the morning, you could still prepare a healthy breakfast for you or your kids. Preparing whole grain cereals with milk, topped with fruits is very quick and easy. Some other things that you can prepare in a short amount of time are peanut butter on wholegrain toast with juice, natural muesli with low fat yoghurt, or a piece of fruit with milk.
  • If you have a little more time on your hands, a fresh fruit and veggie smoothie will get you going in the morning. You can also cook eggs and eat it with a whole grain toast, toast a muffin and top it with your favourite spread, prepare pancakes or waffles, make a breakfast burrito, or you could cook porridge and combine it with fruits in season.